We Are Prinday

We believe we can fly!


Clients choose us for our quality work

And it is so easy, even you can do it! At PRINDAY, we make sure each one of us spreads our wings and takes a flight of fantasy with our ideas. Because when you have that passion within, even sky in not the limit!

Welcome to the world of PRINDAY where our creative wings add glory to your product, brand, project, event or any service! PRINDAY is a team of passionate ideators and implementers; both with an enriching experience and expertise of more than a decade in the media, film and TV industry.

PRINDAY Ideators float in the vast space and think innovative ideas to promote your brand and their counterpart, PRINDAY Implementers, transform those ideas into a successful Public Relations Activity. None of the tasks is easy but in this fiercely competitive world, we make it a reality every day.

That’s what PRINDAY does – We give ideas wings of reality. With the result that your success and brand name shines like a star in the sky!

Proudly operating from Chandigarh, India

A team of experienced people and Passionate people

PRINDAY is proud to cater to the needs of innovation up North Delhi. Our commitment to ideas and their successful execution is a never ending sequence that evolves over time to adapt to change in markets, customers and technology, to name a few. And while doing so, we never forget that Focus and Excellence makes us see our ideas take flight.
While doing so, we have developed an extensive network at the grassroots of Punjab, Haryana and Himachal Pradesh. We understand their culture, we speak their language and we operate amongst the people of these states.

Operating at regional level and attracting national attention – can anything else vouch for our success!

    • OUR TEAM

    • Prabhjot Kaur Mahant

      Founder & CEO

    • Jaspreet Kaur Dhanjal

      Team Member

    • Mukul Sood

      Team Member

    • Jatin Kumar

      Team Member

    • Deepika Gulati

      Team Member

    • Kanwaljeet Singh

      Team Member

    • Ranjeet Singh

      Team Member