Excellence is what we aim for

Success is what we get!

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    Media Relations

    Being in Media is good; it is all the more better when it happens for all good reasons and without extra money!
    That’s the strength. At PRINDAY, we ensure the best and most positive media coverage for all your activities, products, launches and services! All this happens because of the goodwill earned by PRINDAY network and enthusiastic relations built with grassroots level as well as national level of media.
    PRINDAY does Media Relations for many national and state level brands, TC Channels, Movies, Cultural Shows, and even for celebrities. The diverse ranges of people we serve make us the best and the most trusted in this field.

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    Event Management

    What good is an event that doesn’t make stars shine down and bedazzles everyone with its impact! PRINDAY makes sure people talk about your event as much as they do prior to it and even more after the event gets hosted!
    Either through an amazing set-up and creative execution that seeps down to the bottom of the heart and rises to the top of the mind of the viewers; Or with a well planned and strategic promotion campaign that rings bells and whistles in the busy lives of target segment… Team PRINDAY ensures Events done by our team become successful on the parameters of popularity and credibility.
    We have done so many talked-about events in the past like Tashan Nites, CCL- Celebrity Cricket League, launched the maiden Punjab De Sher team, IJCL- Idea junior Champaign League telecast on Doordarshan , Mirchi Music Awards Punjabi, Jazzy B fashion show and what not!
    When it comes to Event Management, we love to take challenges and ensure that the event emerges as the winner!

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    Film Promotion & Marketing
    Film Promotion & Marketing

    Punjabi Film industry is happening like never before! Every month a showstopper Punjabi movie enthralls the national level audience. And more often, we end up falling in love with Punjabi movies just like we did earlier with Bollywood. Sensing the need to elevate the status of Punjabi Film Industry, PRINDAY took the initiative 6 years back to promote the Punjabi movies on a larger-than-life scale.
    We succeeded in our endeavour. The success of latest movies speaks for our work! PRINDAY has proudly and successfully taken the responsibility of promoting some of the recent Superhits in Punjabi Cinema – Punjab 1984, Goreyan Nu Daffa Karo, Sardaar Ji, Angrej etc etc.

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    It is our quest for perfection that results in perfect music. Soulful music rather! Music that creates magic… simply because we put our heart and soul in creating the same. Brilliant Lyrics, bright and soul-stirring composition to accompany along – put together and there you get wonderful music compositions. PRINDAY has been accredited for creating music and theme songs for many events, promotions and celebrities.
    We live in an era when you listen to ten new Punjabi music tracks every day. So what differentiates PRINDAY’s music?
    There is no dearth of music, agreed; but conceiving and composing musical tracks that actually raise the bar for music lovers is the real challenge! PRINDAY aspires to win this challenge every time.

  • 05
    Artist Development
    Artist Development

    Our rich experience of handling media, films and television industry for last two decades has made us a favourite with emerging and leading artists of the Punjabi Music and Film industry alike. They trust us for every small thing – for handling their social media account to the launch of their new movie or music albums.
    We enjoy the responsibility as well as the glamorous profile. And while managing the artists’ image, we follow a scientific approach that begins with listening and understanding the real artist within and why people love him or her.
    Team PRINDAY enjoys pooling in our creative inputs to add Emotions and Rationals while devising a Unique Persona for the artist that makes him a forever favourite with the public.

  • 06
    Social Media Marketing
    Social Media Marketing

    Social Media is the new black; and if we are not setting the trend, at least don’t be late in following it. PRINDAY offers the most comprehensive range of Social Media Management services which go beyond few Likes or Comments!
    The idea is to make your social media profile do the talking. While working on Social Media Management, we start our work keeping ‘the end’ in mind. We begin with an Insight as to what does a client want. Or going forward; what should a client aim for through his or her Social media profile! Once the direction is determined; we set our minds to find the big and bright ideas that can be floated across Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn and every other Social platform that could give our client’s brand and image a big thumbs up!
    It is after such ground work that we create a better Social Media Expression with persuasive communications that moves audiences in favour of a brand in a perfect way.

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    Brand and Marketing
    Brand and Marketing

    Marketing Gurus may define Brand as a promise of unmatched value that becomes reality over time; PRINDAY defines it as an idea that strikes the right chord with the targeted audience. For us, every single branding & marketing activity has to be done as an experience that makes target group enjoy their ‘Slice of Life’. We do not make Branding or Marketing as a gimmick where the focus lies alone on glamour saying thing which appear ‘TOO GOOD TO BE TRUE’!
    At PRINDAY – Branding is simple – “Stand Up. Stand Out.” That’s what we do for our clients. We make our clients raise their bar and then communicate to the world their pinnacle of performance.

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    Photography and Video
    Photography and Video

    People eat with their eyes first; that was the thought we floated while promoting an eating joint in Punjab. Today, it has become the top-notch brand in the region and we take pride for bringing out its glory through out apt and awe-inspiring Food photography. It’s not just about food or fashion; team PRINDAY excels in Photography & Video shoots for all genres – be it corporate photography, product photography or promotional one.
    We make sure to make the client understand that message reception is the best when disseminated through a medium which involves the maximum senses. That’s why using an audio-visual medium ensures long term gains!
    We plan out the photo-shoot keeping the brand image in mind and our only aim is to promote it in the best possible manner. Your aspirations are our goals and together we work towards increasing its appeal and maximizing profits by creating a magical Visual Appeal.

  • 09
    Business Development
    Business Development

    There is no dearth of Startups and the people who aspire to be a successful entrepreneur but conceiving and implementing an idea that actually becomes a success is no child’s play. And what is more tougher are the initial days and months for a Startup. It is the time when they need a supporting and strategic partner who can contribute to their online promotion and building brand equity.
    PRINDAY is proud to be a lifeline for many Startups where we have contributed by making Impact Videos, PowerPoint Presentations, Business Proposals, Strategy & Analysis Documents and Animation Videos and so on!
    We understand that helping a Startup identify the previously unthought-of opportunities is the real challenge! The fact remains – no STARTUP is born perfect. They are honed and fine-tuned, chiselled and buffed – that’s where PRINDAY helps them!